Is the Patriot Party of Arizona made up of patriots or are they frauds, just bullying tyrants dishonestly pursuing power by any and all means possible, many receiving a paycheck to do so through their biggest donor Daniel McCarthy?

Is Steve Daniels about serving the cause of freedom, a representative government and the Republican Party or really about helping Daniel McCarthy grab power by any and all means possible to help Daniel McCarthy with a run for President? Did you know that Steve Daniels is the managing member of SNJ Consultants LLC which received $99,436 from the Patriot Party of Arizona in 2022 which is almost entirely funded by Daniel McCarthy? Did you know that Steve Daniels is currently under investigation by the Maricopa County Republican Committee to lose his voting rights as a Republican within the intra party for his active signature gathering to start a separate party and his continued promotion of the Patriot Party of Arizona? Did you know that at the annual Maricopa County Statutory meeting on 1/14/23 a large portion of the body voted to remove Steve Daniels and his voting rights? One of the people who spoke for it used to be associated with the Patriot Party of Arizona and reversed course once she saw what they were really about.

Here’s the financial evidence you can see for yourself:

Steve Daniels has been on Daniel McCarthy’s payroll, first for security and now essentially through paying an LLC that Daniels is the managing member and laundering it through Patriot Party of Arizona. Steve Daniels parades around saying he’s raised $1 million but did you know Daniel McCarthy has been the primary funder of that money for the Patriot Party? Who is Daniel McCarthy and why would he give so much of his own money, as the primary funder to this? What’s in it for Daniel McCarthy? Have you noticed that the Patriot Party of Arizona, which claims they are Republicans, repeatedly refuses to collaborate with other conservative grassroots groups? They are more driven by bullying and subjugating others under them than collaboration. That is not freedom, that’s tyranny! Is Steve Daniels’ run for AZGOP Chair really about subjugating us all under a bias AZGOP Chair to help Daniel McCarthy with a Presidential run? Just read McCarthy’s own tweets from twitter below. Real patriots put the cause above self interested power and will work with others to further the cause. Those in the Patriot Party of Arizona do not have that track record. Real Christians lead with love and treat others as they’d want to be treated themselves. Those in the Patriot Party of Arizona do not have that track record, instead they often bully and further dishonest narratives on good people in their way of grasping political power.

Public posts from Daniel McCarthy himself!

Both Daniel McCarthy and Steve Daniels parade around like they are Christians but they don’t treat others as they’d want to be treated themselves and they’re willing to operate in lies to acquire power. The evidence of this couldn’t be more clear than in the video below. While Steve Daniels parades around saying he’s for truth, transparency and accountability, did you know that both he and Daniel McCarthy refused to take the stand in court because they didn’t want the truth about their unethical and illegal actions (carrying firearms on a public school campus) on court video record? Did you know money was even offered to the plaintiff to erase the injunctions against harassment so they wouldn’t have to be accountable for their actions? Neither of them are for truth, transparency or accountability, certainly when it comes to themselves. You can look up case numbers CC2022157205 & CC2022157352 with the court, or you can look at the court document photos listed below this video.

After this set up, it was Daniel McCarthy and Steve Daniels who called the police and actually tried to get assault charges on Dan Farley, and only changed their minds on assault charges when they discovered it was a felony to have guns on them on a public school campus that they had on them. They were out to destroy Farley’s good name by any and all means possible and make Farley’s life hell, trying to get him to quit his leadership position within the Republican Party, thinking that would help them advance their power grab. They continued to get their Patriot Party of Arizona associates to swarm him and his good name on social media for months. They have handed out flyers to disparage Farley outside of the Legislative District meetings he runs. Steve Daniels personally handed out flyers with a website entirely dedicated to destroy Farley’s reputation. To this day, they continue to hound him, recording with phones and body cams incessantly in an effort to try and get footage to use to take out who they view as political opposition in their power grab by any and all means possible.

Posted by Steve Daniels on 9/12/22 – If they’re willing to do this to Farley, who will they do it to next in their unethical and immoral power grab?

Here are the Moon Valley Court documents regarding the cases of Farley vs Daniels (CC2022157205) and Farley vs McCarthy (CC2022157352). Both were initially attempted to be squashed by the defendants and the conclusion was they were reaffirmed by the court for the plaintiff, Farley.

Posts from Daniel McCarthy’s Makeup Eraser business while he owned it.
(McCarthy claims to be a hardcore conservative while he repeatedly attacks Republicans, and doesn’t attack Democrats. At that same time, his company was advancing the woke narrative. This is not meant to be an attack on LGBT but rather to show that McCarthy is not who he portrays himself to be. He puts money and power above what he says he stands for.)

When running for AZGOP Chair Steve Daniels uses tactics like audience engagement/manipulation to repeat and imprint on the audience “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again.” He does this to disparage any traditional efforts of getting out the Republican vote and then tries to dupe the audience that HB2289 has any chance of passing, as if he or anyone as Chair could get it passed, a total lie! Omnibus bills almost never pass the state legislature. HB2289 only has about 25% support in the AZ State Legislature today, only about 50% of the Republican legislators support it, and Hobbs will definitely veto it. There are other viable ways of advancing election integrity and as Republicans we should always continue our efforts to reach new voters and get out the vote. Steve Daniels says “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again” but then he pitches you to back him with a single platform of doing the same thing over and over again for HB2289 for a “shame Hobbs” plan that has no chance of success. This parody of him on video above is humorous but resonates truth. Don’t let him, and his financial backer Daniel McCarthy, play you for a fool! Steve Daniels’ run for AZGOP Chair is for Daniel McCarthy, NOT you!!